Apartment / Housing Advise


For information on dormitories, apartments and family housing, contact the USF International Services office or campus housing agency. Ask them for the average cost of apartments in the area. Often, by going online to find housing, you may pay more than necessary. It is best to deal directly with the office of the apartment complex of your choice. Unfortunately, Friends of Internationals can not do this for you.

For information on fraternity and sorority houses, contact the fraternity or sorority in which you are interested or the campus Hellenic (Greek) office, which will have information you need.

If you are looking for an apartment or house, you might consider the following:

  • Check the “For Rent” section in the “Classified Ads” in your school and local newspapers or on the internet.
  • Walk or drive through a particular neighborhood or section of town looking for “for rent” or “vacancy” signs.
  • Read an Apartment Shopper’s Guide or other publications that provide information on properties for rent. These guides can be found in convenience and grocery stores.
  • Use an apartment referral agency that will help you find housing without any fee for its services. (For a listing of these agencies in your city, look under “Apartment Finding & Rental Service” in your internet “yellow pages.”)